Monday, September 8, 2008

That's Amore

I haven’t read too many of Wendy Markham’s books, I’ve enjoyed one and the other wasn’t that great. But when I found That’s Amore on the new releases shelf at the library, I decided to give the author another chance.

Here’s the blurb:
Daria Marshall is a psychic who sees dead people, but she learned the hard way not to interpret their messages. Now the spirit of an old man keeps popping up wherever she goes, and so does the very much alive -- and charismatic -- Ralph Chickalini. What’s a reluctant medium to do?

The youngest sibling in a large, fun-loving Italian family, Ralph has just lost his beloved father. Everything in his life is changing from the menu at the family pizzeria to plans to preserve his childhood home. Only nomadic newcomer Daria seems to understand Ralph, but she with her own complications. Ralph doesn’t believe in ghosts, or in opposites attracting. And footloose Daria doesn’t want to put down roots. But even as they keep trying to go their separate ways, it seems the Other Side has Other ideas…

I struggled reading this book. The premise of it was promising but the execution was not my cup of tea. Let’s begin with the author writing in the present tense. It really bothered me, I usually don’t nick pick on things like that, but it was really distracting. I can deal with first person, but the present tense bothers me… Go figure!

I found the main characters boring. Yes, boring. Daria is a gypsy by choice, she cannot feel comfortable with staying in one place for too long. And I found Ralphie (yes, Ralphie!) childish. Trust me, I have a child that doesn’t do well with change, and Ralphie behaved the way my six year old would have. What’s the deal with that?!

Another question: What's the deal with dog on the cover? There isn't a dog in the story.

I mentioned numerous times before I’m a moody reader, and I can honestly say it was NOT my mood. I really didn’t like it. Yep, this book has my Waste of Time stamp.

That’s Amore by Wendy Markham (2/5) Romance Contemporary; Paranormal: Psychic; Published: Grand Central Publishing (7/08); Series: # 2, Chickalini Family; 100 + Reading Challenge (58); Library book; Waste of Time;

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