Sunday, July 13, 2008

Notorious Gentlemen - Part 1

With what happened to me with the previous book, I was a little doubtful with After The Kiss by Suzanne Enoch. You see, she’s a must buy author.

Also, the cover helped. I usually don’t go crazy about covers, but I love this one. It’s so sensual, that it gave me shivers. Loved it!

Here’s the blurb:

A Notorious Gentleman . . .

Sullivan Waring wants only two things: his rightful inheritance, and revenge against the man who stole it from him. By day, Sullivan is the most respected horse breeder in England; by night, he plunders the ton's most opulent homes to reclaim his late mother's beautiful paintings. His quest is going swimmingly . . . until the night he's discovered by Lady Isabel Chalsey. Clad only in a revealing nightdress, she's an entrancingly different kind of plunder, and how can a thief resist stealing a kiss?

A Curious Lady . . .

Surprised by a masked man in her own home, Isabel should be quaking with fear. Instead the sight of the sinfully handsome Sullivan makes her tremble with excitement. Who is this man, and why is he so set on this reckless pursuit? Lady Isabel loves a challenge, and she'll dare anything to uncover Sullivan's secret—but she may instead convince him that she is the greatest prize of all.

After The Kiss is the first book of the author’s new trilogy, The Notorious Gentlemen.

This is Sullivan’s story, he’s a sought after horse breeder, but he’s also the bastard son of a respectable Duke. Let’s say that Sullivan doesn’t get along with Dad and the rest of the family and wants revenge. In comes Isabel, she discovers his secret and wants to keep him close by, so she can keep an eye on him. Obviously they’re attracted to each other, but he feels that he’s beneath her station, and she doesn’t care…she wants him. But will that be enough for Sullivan?

I loved the book! Yeah, doing the Wandeca happy dance!

I didn’t want to put the book down, I carried it along with me where ever I went…good I have a huge tote purse. Loved the setting, Regency England. Loved the characters, both Sullivan and Isabel are wonderful, but also the others were great, I cannot wait to read Bram’s story. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was sizzling. It was HOT! I had to fan myself a couple of times.

Can’t until the next book comes out! Good thing I won’t have to wait too long…Before the Scandal comes out next month.

After The Kiss by Suzanne Enoch (5/5) Historical Romance; Regency England; Published: Avon (7/2008); Series: # 1, The Notorious Gentlemen; 100 + Reading Challenge (30); July Book Blowout (6); Favorite Reads 2008; Keeper Shelf;

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