Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dead Cold

Another one of those afternoon reads. Dead Cold by Louise Penny, is the second of the Armand Gamache series.

Here's the blurb:
Winter in Three Pines and the sleepy village is carpeted in snow. It's a time of peace and goodwill - until a scream pierces the biting air. There's been a murder.

Local police are baffled. A spectator at the annual Boxing Day curling match has been fatally electrocuted. Despite the large crowd, there are no witnesses and - apparently - no clues.

Called in to head the investigation, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache unravels the dead woman's past and discovers a history of secrets and enemies. But Gamache has enemies of his own. Frozen out of decision-making at the highest level of the Surete du Quebec, Gamache finds there are few he can trust. As a bitter wind blows into Three Pines, something even more chilling is sneaking up behind him...

Once again Chief Inspector Gamache is called to Three Pines, to investigate the murder of C.C. de Poitiers. But this time around the victim is not well liked in the community. She's considered a mean, vindictive witch. There were quite a few people of interest. Slowly Gamache realizes that there's a connection between the murder in Three Pines with the murder of a homeless woman in Montreal.

It's wonderful visiting with the characters of this series. It's like visiting with old friends. The quirkiness of Gabri and Oliver, the bitchiness of Ruth, Clara's kindness and Myrna straight forward talk. Loved it! I kept on going back and forth thinking of who could commit such act, but in the end I understood why happened. And my heart went out to the character.

Can't wait to get my hands on the next book of the series!

Dead Cold by Louise Penny (4/5) Mystery; Published: Headline (2006); Series: # 2, Inspector Armand Gamache; Canadian author; 100 + Reading Challenge (22); Library book;

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