Thursday, May 29, 2008

Omaha, Anyone?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy action lit. Throw some conspiracy theories along with it, I'm a fan for life. So, when my friend K another action lit fan, recommended this series to me I just had to give it a try.

From what I understand the author of this series, James Rollins, has written other non-series books, that are also action lit. I believe K mentioned something along the ways of one of his characters being alot like Indiana Jones. Hmmm, Indy! I'll have to do more research about that. Moving right along...The series is called Sigma Force, they are "an elite covert arm of the US Defense Department made up of former Special Forces officers trained as experts in various scientific fields". (took that little bit of info from Stop You're Killing Me)

Here's the blurb:
An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a London museum -- a devastating blast that sets off alarms in clandestine organizations around the world, as the race begins to determine how it happened, why it happened, and what it means.

Lady Kara Kensington's family paid a high price in money and blood to found the gallery that now lies in ruins. And her search for answers is about to lead Kara and her friend Safia al-Maaz, the gallery's brilliant and beautiful curator, into a world they never dreamed actually existed. For new evidence exposed by the tragedy suggest that Ubar, a lost city buried beneath the Arabian desert, is more than mere legend...and that something astonishing is waiting there.

Two extraordinary women and their guide, the international adventurer Omaha Dunn, are not the only ones being drawn to the desert. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Painter Crowe, a convert government operative and head of an elite counterespionage team, is hunting down a dangerous turncoat, Crowe's onetime partner, to retrieve the vital information she has stolen. And the trail is pointing him toward Ubar.

But the many perils inherent in a death-defying trek deep into the savage heart of the Arabian Peninsula pale before the nightmarish secrets to be unearthed at the journey's end. What is hidden below the sand is more than a valuable relic of ancient history. It is an ageless power that lived and breathes -- and awesome force that could create a utopia or tear down everything humankind has built during millennia of civilization. Many lives have already been destroyed by ruthless agencies dedicated to guarding its mysteries and harnessing its might. And now the end may be at hand for Safia, for Kara, for Crowe, and for all the interlopers who wish to expose its mysteries, as it prepares to unleash the most terrible storm of all....

I enjoyed how the book started, the introduction to the characters and the info on their backgrounds. And then things start happening. It's very fast paced, and I enjoy that too. But, man, it was boom this, and boom that and at a point I had to put the book down for a breather. I never thought I would this, but I wanted a little restful period in the storyline.

That being said, I will still read this author, because it wasn't bad, in fact it was quite good . But note to self, take breaks while reading James Rollins.

Sandstorm by James Rollins (3/5) General Fiction: Action; Published: William Morrow (2004); Series: # 1, SIGMA Force; 100 + Reading Challenge (10); Library book;

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