Monday, February 11, 2008

Weighed In The Balance

In the seventh installment of the William Monk series, Oliver Rathbone is retained to defend Countess Zorah Rostova in a slander case.

The Countess accused Princess Gisela of killing Prince Friedrich, the exiled prince of a German principality. The problem is that the Countess cannot produce a shred of evidence against the princess. Rathbone then asks Monk to investigate this accusation. Monk travels to Vienna and Felzburg (the German principality), but he cannot find anything to support Zorah accusation. It seems that Rathbone has his work cut out for him...

Another wonderful book by Anne Perry. As usual it was a quick paced novel, with an amazing group of characters. There was also an appearance of a character from a previous book.

The one thing that is really ticking me off is the William Monk and Hester Latterly relationship, we know that they're attracted to each other but there's also a disdain for each other. This needs to be resolved already! Oh well, maybe next book...

Weighed In The Balance by Anne Perry (4.5/5) Historical Mystery; Published: Fawcett (October 1996); Series; # 7, William Monk; Library Book

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