Thursday, February 28, 2008

Canada Reads 2008: Second Book Off

Here's the second book voted off:

Brown Girl In The Ring was selected by Jemeni.

Here's the blurb (take from the publisher's site):

Brown Girl in the Ring tells the story of Ti-Jeanne, a young woman in a near-future Toronto that’s been all but abandoned by the Canadian government. Anyone who can has retreated from the chaos of the city to the relative safety of the suburbs, and those left in “the burn” must fend for themselves. To survive without traditional government, people in the inner city have had to rediscover old ways: farming, barter, herb lore. But now the wealthy want organs for transplants, and they begin to prey upon the helpless of the streets.

Ti-Jeanne is a new mother trying to come to grips with her baby and also trying to end her relationship with her drug-addicted boyfriend, Tony. But a passion still burns between the young lovers, and when Tony runs afoul of Rudy, the local ganglord, Ti-Jeanne convinces her grandmother Gros-Jeanne to help out. Gros-Jeanne is a Voudoun priestess, and it’s clear that Ti-Jeanne has inherited some of her gifts. Although Ti-Jeanne wants nothing to do with the spirit world, she soon finds herself caught up in a battle to the death with Rudy and the mother she thought she lost long ago.

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