Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home to Holly Springs

Can you really go back home? Father Timothy Kavanagh isn't too sure, but he's willing to try. He hasn't been home in over thirty years, and probably wouldn't have gone but his curiosity was sparked by a note that he received that only had "Come home".

Here's the blurb:

Sometimes a trip back home becomes a journey of the soul.

After more than thirty-eight years, Father Tim Kavanagh returns to his childhood home of Holly Springs, Mississippi, on a profoundly personal journey.

Whatever became of Tommy Noles, his forbidden childhood friend, and Peggy, the loving woman who was like a second mother? What were the facts behind he court trial that drove the Kavanagh family even further apart?

He figures Thomas Wolfe was right: You can't go home again. Then he discovers the truth: A surprising number of old connections have miraculously survived time and neglect.

In this first of the Father Tim novels, Jan Karon takes her celebrated Mitford character to territory he has long avoided, the uncharted territory of family, giving us a spellbinding and poignant narrative laced with the wisdom and forgiveness only a trip back home can inspire.

Thirty-eight years have passed since Father Tim Kavanagh left his Mississippi hometown, determined not to return.

Then he receives a handwritten note postmarked Holly Springs. Cryptic and unsigned, it says only Come home.

These two words compel him to make the most disturbing journey of his life. They also lead him to a truth that will change his life - forever.

I'm a huge fan of the Mitford series by Jan Karon. And I was very to happy to learn that she was continuing the series with Father Tim, so I can get my fix every once in a while. Alright I admit it's almost addiction like affection that I have for the character, but he's the type of person I would love to become, kind, insightful, forgiving and not afraid to admit when he's wrong. Well something to work on the new year.

It's beautifully written, it's faced paced and it's inter-laced with Father Tim's memories, which is the icing on the cake.

If you haven't read Jan Karon yet, what are you waiting for?

Home To Holly Springs by Jan Karon (4.5/5) General Fiction; Published: 10/07, Viking Adult; Series: # 1, The Father Tim Novels; Library book; Added to shopping list.

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