Monday, July 23, 2007

Beware Scot's Revenge

Beware A Scot's Revenge by Sabrina Jeffries

Lady Venetia's first visit to her childhood home is quite an adventure. She's kidnapped by her father's sworn enemy,The Scottish Scourge, only to discover that the Scourge happens to be her childhood friend. She wants to understand what caused the rift between her father and the Ross family. Lachlan is trying his hardest to treat her as an enemy but the attraction is too strong. Will they have a chance to let their love flourish or are there too many skeletons in their families closets for a happy ending?

Sabrina Jeffries is a hit or miss author for me. This time it's a hit. I loved the setting, enjoyed the characters, although at times I wanted to slap Lachlan across the head, the hero and heroine chemistry was sizzling - there were few fanning moments, and there was also a bit of history... one of the reason's for mass migrations of Scots in 1800's. Plus there are those scene stealer's, the correspondence between Charlotte Harris and her cousin Michael.

This is the third book of The School of Heiresses series. The first two books being Never Seduce a Scoundrel and Only A Duke Will Do. Of the three, the first one is still my favorite but this one is a close second. Now, I'll just have to wait until Let Sleeping Rogues Lie to see what happens with Charlotte and Michael. :)

Rate: 4/5

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